AMVs (Anime Music Video) are fan-made music video consisting of clips from an anime series synced to a music track. AMV’s can also include a mixture of clips from multiple anime series with its own remixed audio track and theme/story.

The GeeCon AMV competition is open to all residents of the Northern Territory and is perfect for amateur video editors, videographers and filmmakers.

Entrants are not required to be present at GeeCon. Prizes will be mailed to winners (where possible) who do not attend GeeCon.

The submission deadline is Friday, 1st September, 2017 @ 11:59pm


The AMV Competition does not have any categories, all videos submitted will be judged against every other entry. Entrants may submit up to 3 videos, one (1) per theme listed below:

  • Action/Upbeat
  • Comedy/Parody
  • Drama/Romance
  • TBA; Special prize consideration will be made for multiple editor projects (MEP).
  • The AMV Competition screening is rated ‘M’.
    • All entries will be reviewed before public screening.
    • Editors of an AMV exceeding the ‘M’ rating will be asked to reedit/resubmit.
  • The majority of video footage must consist of Japanese animation, anime-style video game cutscenes or anime-inspired stills.
  • AMV must be your own work and only consist of footage edited solely by the entrant.
  • Videos must not contain watermarks or subtitles that were not entered by the creator.
  • Do not include opening/closing credits as we will add title cards crediting the creator.
  • Videos must be more than 1 minute and under 5 minutes long.
  • Videos must be of reasonable video and audio quality with a video resolution of 480p or 720p. Poor video quality (pixelated, artifacting, etc.) will be rejected.

All videos must be submitted as downloadable link via the online form below. Please ensure links from Google Drive, Dropbox etc are “shared” or “public”. Stream links (YouTube, Vimeo etc.) are not accepted.

Submit for AMV