The Artist Alley exists to promote and celebrate original artwork by fans of anime, manga, video games and popular culture. We encourage original prints, comics, magazines, crafts and; enjoy seeing artists produce new and exciting material.

Artist alley tables are ideal for amateur artists and craftspeople to sell their own works of art, including on-site commissions.

Please be sure to read through the Artist Alley policies fully and carefully, as it contains important information. Should you have any questions regarding the information on this page, please contact us via email at

All applicants under 18 years old by 2 October will require a parental consent before approval.
Applicants under 16 may apply, however some aspects must be completed by a parent or legal guardian.

Artist Alley Booth

Each booth includes:

  • 2x2m space with freestanding velcro compatible back wall;
  • Fascia board with artist signage (up to 26 characters);
  • 1x artist alley pass;
  • 1x table w/cloth;
  • 2x chairs;
  • Listing and link on the GeeCon Artist Alley webpage.

Please note no electricity or wired communication available. You may bring portable electrical devices. 


  • Promo first 6: $100.00
  • Early bird rate: $150.00
  • Normal rate: $200.00

*All prices are in AUD and include GST. Early Bird rate applies on full payment by 30 June 2017


  • Assistant pass: $30.00 ea.


Once your application has been processed, you will receive an invoice for payment from You may pay in full or make a minimum 25% deposit to secure your spot. Payments are to be made no later than 28 days of the invoice.

Artists will be prioritised on a “first come first serve” basis by fully paid applications. Remaining applications will be placed on a waiting list and contacted in the event of cancellations.

General Sales Policy

  • Sales & Flyers: Sales and the distribution of flyers or other promotional materials is confined to the boundaries of Exhibitor’s space.
  • Mature Content: No pornography or items that would be classified as illegal under any state or territory law within Australia. All other mature content must be kept out of view and not accessible to minors and carry appropriate classification.
  • Bootleg, grey-market, contraband, illegitimate, pirated or illegal merchandise are strictly prohibited.
  • Trade Lottery: No sales by auction, lottery, raffle, guessing competition and any game of chance or with elements of chance without prior written approval. Standard conditions apply to conducting trade lotteries. See Trade Lottery – Licensing NT
  • Weapons: Restrictions apply to the sale and display of weapons (real, replicas and props).
  • Consumables: No food, drink or anything consumable for sale or giveaway without prior approval.
  • Stickers: The sale or giveaway of stickers is prohibited.

Artist Alley Sales Policy

  • Copyright: It is the responsibility of the artist to ensure their artwork does not violate any copyright laws. This includes, but not limited to, tracing, vectorising, copying, or otherwise alter and/or reproduce artwork that is not your own, whether as a part or the whole of a work.
  • Proxy Selling: Selling artwork of a person who is not present and registered for Artist Alley is prohibited without prior approval. Collaborative works is an exception to this rule.
  • Mass Produced items are prohibited. Artist Alley is an avenue for amateur and young professional artists to promote and sell their original artworks; it is not a cheap alternative to an Exhibitor Booth.
  • Clothing: Clothing such as hats and T-shirts are permitted as a small portion of your overall merchandise. However, for large quantities you will be asked to upgrade to an Exhibitor booth.
  • Weapons: Real, fake or prop weapons are prohibited in the Artist Alley even if you crafted it.
  • Body Art Services: Artwork on a person’s body is prohibited without prior approval.
  • Animal Parts: No item or object containing organic material from real animals (e.g. no actual rabbit’s foot or eye of newt).

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