Wearing costumes, or “Cosplay” as it’s known, is very popular and a staple in conventions worldwide.

The GeeCon Cosplay Competition is an amateur costuming competition for anime, manga and gaming fans. It is an opportunity to see cosplayers show off their great costumes, craftsmanship and creativity.

Entry Fee – None, just a valid GeeCon pass.

The competition prizes will be announced on the day and will be mailed to all winners within one month after completion of the festival. Prize categories are:

  • Best Male cosplay
  • Best Female cosplay
  • Best Junior cosplay (under 16)

Prizes to be announced closer to the dates.

Judging Criteria

  • Craftsmanship
  • Accuracy to character
  • Knowledge of character (short stage interview)

Enter Competition


The GeeCon Cosplay Competition is open to all Northern Territory residents. Desert Monkey Inc. Committee Members, Judges and their immediate family members may not compete.

  1. All participants must have a valid GeeCon pass to access the venue.
  2. Participants can enter both divisions with two different costumes.
  3. Each entry must submit the following prior to Friday 1st September 2017:
    • One (1) high res reference photo of the character you are cosplaying as. Judges may not know every character from every universe.
    • At least two (2) progress photos per costume at any stage of construction. These photos are only to let us know your costume exists.
  4. Entrance music/song is permitted. Participant is responsible for supplying the audio track and ensuring it is in a common audio format prior to the day.
  5. Entrants 12 – 17 years old on the day of the competition require parental consent
  6. Entrants under 12 must have a parent or guardian present at the competition

To be eligible for prizes, costumes:

  • Must not have won prizes from any other cosplay competition held within Australia.
  • Must be at least 50% crafted and entrant’s own work. Must not be professionally made or made by someone else. Friends and family can help.
  • Modified store bought clothing and apparel are permitted.
  • Must be suitable for a family audience and comply with our Dress Code & Cosplay Policy
  • Must comply with our Weapon & Prop Policy
  • A cosplayer’s gender will be determined by the character they are cosplaying as.
    • Males dressed as female characters are considered Female.
    • Females dressed as male characters are considered Male.
    • Gender adaptations are that of the chosen gender (eg ‘Female Wolverine’ is female).
  • If your costume is not eligible for prizes, you may still come on stage to show it off and ensure staff are aware
  • Additional Information

    The rules stated above will form the ‘novice’ category in future competitions.

    If you have any question about the cosplay competition please contact info@geecon.org.au.