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Cocktail Party with Guests

Meet and Mingle with the 2019 Guests (Special Ticket)
Friday 27th Sep 2019 @ Nirvana Restaurant | 800/6 Dashwood Cres, Darwin City NT 0800

Kingdom Hearts 3 Panel

– Paul St Peter, Quinton Flynn, Derek S. Prince
Don’t miss out on this panel as the voices of Xemnas, Axel & Vexen get together to share their behind-the-scenes experience working on the game.

Cosplay Competition

Check out Darwin’s best cosplay talent compete for best-in-show. Come down and cheer on your peers or favourite cosplayer. To enter, head over to the cosplay page to participate!

A Hero’s Journey

-Peter Summersby
Info coming soon

Dance Party

Come party with DJ Tjung, playing EDM/dance music. We have glowsticks! No alcohol.

Werewolf (Live)

The social deception game ‘Ultimate Werewolf’ will be played on stage this year. This game is simple, ‘villagers’ must hunt down werewolves; werewolves must convince villagers they are innocent, while attacking them at night.

Cosplay Date (Game Show)

Cosplayers will roleplay their characters in a game where three suitors will play for the chance to win the heart of the bachelor (or bachelorette).
*Note ‘cosplay date’ is a game intended for some humor and fun.


All Panels (A-Z)

Info coming soon


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