You can place your unwanted loot up for sale at GeeCon. If they sell, you get the cash after the festival minus 10% commission (minimum of $0.50) per item sold. As this will be on trial, there is a 20-item-per-person limit.

The Garage Sale will be operated by GeeCon staff and volunteers.


  • The Garage Sale is open to everyone over the age of 18. If you are not at least 18 on the first day of the event, you must have a parent/guardian register on your behalf.
  • Limit & Restrictions:
    • One (1) box of items per person registered.
    • All items must fit into one (1) box you can carry unassisted (ie carried without trolleys, jacks, requires two or more people to carry).
    • The GeeCon General Sales Policy applies to all items.
    • Maximum of 20 items per person.
  • Commission: GeeCon will take a commission of $0.50 or 10%, whichever is higher, per item sold. No commission is due if your item/s do not sell.
  • No Haggling: Items are sold at the price you set. Prices will not be negotiated on your behalf.
  • No Reservations: Items are sold on first-come-first-serve, no reservations.
  • All Sales are final.
  • GeeCon reserves the right to reject any item for any reason.

What can you Sell?

Accepted Items
  • Books, manga, comics, magazines
  • Plushies, dolls, figurines, toys, collectibles
  • T-Shirts
Unaccepted Items

Items not listed in the ‘Accepted Items’ above, including but not limited to:

  • Illegal or illegitimate items. See GeeCon General Sales Policy
  • Electrical/electronic devices
  • Computers/video game consoles and their components, peripherals, mods.
  • CDs/Blu-rays/DVDs/game disks/software
  • Items not related to the event. E.g. Fridge, car parts etc.
  • Items that are large, heavy or otherwise deemed unsafe for the event
Item Condition

Items must be provided in a reasonable and presentable condition.

  • Items should still do everything it’s normally supposed to do and not be broken, missing pages etc. Usual wear-and-tear is ok.
  • Where applicable, items must be washed/cleaned and not sticky/slimy to touch.

How do I sell at the Garage Sale?

Step 1: Register

Complete the online registration form. Once your registration has been processed you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 2: Check-in

Please place all your items in a single box with your name and address, before dropping off your items.

Go to the front desk of the Convention Centre on the first day of GeeCon. We will go through the items you want to sell to confirm it’s all there. Each item must be listed in your inventory form and each item must also have a set price.

Once your items are confirmed, we will handle the rest from there.

Step 3: Check-out

We will process your sold and unsold items the week following GeeCon and; contact you once they are ready for pickup.

If you don’t make an arrangement for pickup within a reasonable time, these items and your funds will be considered a donation to GeeCon.


If you have any questions about the information on this page please contact us on