Thank you for your interest in volunteering at GeeCon. We need many volunteers to ensure GeeCon runs smoothly and attendees have a great time. Without them GeeCon would not be possible.

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends and enjoy the festival with an added sense of pride. Volunteers from 2017 had a great time with many of them already signed up for GeeCon 2018!

What’s involved

Volunteers assist with a variety of tasks during GeeCon and expected to contribute 4-5 hours each day they volunteer, typically in 2–4 hour shifts.

What we’re looking for:
  • Desire to contribute to, and be part of the festival
  • Be at least 15 years of age by 1st July
  • Provide photo identification with visible birth date.
  • Attend at least (1) information/training session in August/September.
  • Priority will be given to volunteers who have special skills/experience useful for the festival.
  • Free GeeCon pass for the day/s you volunteer
  • Invitation to the Dead Dog Party (staff party)
  • Attendee Volunteers assist with a variety of smaller tasks such as ticket scanning, score keeping, operating computers and helping with events.
  • Team Leaders oversee their assigned area ensuring events are running on time and be the go-to person for their team. Team Leaders must be:
    • (18+) with leadership/management experience
    • Complete training specific to your role
    • ‘On Call’ at least once per month, if the need arises.
    • ‘On Call’ all weekend (4) weeks before GeeCon, if the need arises.
  • Special
    • Board game Ambassadors
    • Public Speakers/Event Hosts
    • Amateur photo/videographers


Do I have to buy a ticket even if I’m a volunteer?

No. If you have already bought a ticket we will reimburse you based on the hours you work. If you are not selected to volunteer, we will offer you the Early Bird Ticket Rates if you applied before 29 June.
Please note, we will keep very close attention to those who deliberately ignore their shifts to get a free pass.

When and how will I be contacted?

We will begin contacting applicants by email starting in June/July.

Do I get any breaks on my shifts?

Those with 4 hour shifts will be schedule again on the next day. Those assigned multiple 2-3 hour shifts will be scheduled at least one hour apart.


Should you have any questions regarding the information on this page, please contact us via email at

Apply to Volunteer