Weapon & Prop Policy

Desert Monkey Inc. encourages attendees to have weapons and props as part of their cosplay costumes. We understand they can be a huge part of a character, however, some props are not appropriate or safe in a public environment. To ensure that all attendees have an enjoyable and safe time at GeeCon, we have the following policies regarding all props and weapons.

Real firearms and functional projectile weapons/props/toys are not allowed.

Violation of these rules may result in:

  • Immediate loss of the privilege to carry weapons or props
  • Expulsion/ejection from the festival without refund
  • Action by the NT Police. Any act of gross negligence or public endangerment may result in criminal charges beyond the control of GeeCon. The general public may have no idea that the festival is in progress and may react if they feel threatened.

Please note that all rules can be superseded the day-of GeeCon by requests from the venue, security, or the NT Police.  Consideration will be taken into account for any last minute changes of this nature.

General Prop Rules
  • All Props are to be checked by security and may be reinspected at any time. Inspected props will be ‘peace-bound’ with a zip tie by security to mark that it has been reviewed.  Attendees may be asked to show the tie by staff through the course of the festival.
  • GeeCon recommends props, outfits, or armor pieces be made out of safe materials (such as cardboard, plastic, rubber, Styrofoam etc.)
  • Props that are large, pointy, sharp or heavy enough to cause possible harm or any item which could cause harm to other attendees or property must be put into storage at the event or in your car/hotel until needed for the Cosplay Competition or Photoshoot/s.
  • Props should not at any time be waved around as this can be considered “brandishing” or use of the weapon. Police and security will assume all drawn weapons are functional and will act accordingly.
  • Ensure costumes/props with electrical parts (e.g. LEDs) do not become a fire hazard!
  • Costumes/props with moving-parts must not be powered by gas or hydraulics.
  • No gas or liquid dispensing items (smoke machines, fart-bombs, etc.)
  • No explosives or chemicals (fireworks, smoke pots, flash paper, etc.)
  • No objects that can generate excessive noise, light, smoke, confetti etc.
Prop Weapon Specific
  • No firearms (except for authorised law enforcement officials).
  • No replica firearms that are difficult to distinguish from the real thing.
  • No actual weaponry (including tasers, pepper spray etc.)
  • No “Live Steel” regardless sharpened or dull.
  • No functional projectile weapons/props/toys (e.g. airsoft Guns, waterguns, bubble shooters, crossbows, nerf guns etc).
  • Disabled projectile weapons/toys that are incapable of firing a projectile are allowed.
  • Realistic looking guns (silhouettes resembling actual firearms: AK-47,M-16 etc.) must have an ORANGE SAFETY TIP clearly noticeable from a distance. This can be painted on or electrical taped on and; must remain on while at GeeCon.
  • Realistic looking grenades, bombs, mines (explosives) must have a strip of orange electrical tape visible wrapped around the body of the device and must remain on while at GeeCon.
  • Bows and crossbows must be unstrung or very loosely strung so that it cannot be used to shoot. Arrows and bolts must either be completely blunt and made of a soft material such as foam or rubber.
  • Wooden props, like wizard staves/wands are permitted as long as they do not have pointy ends.

GeeCon reserves the right to inspect and reinspect any prop or weapon, and to require the removal of any prop or weapon. If you have any questions, please email info@geecon.org.au. While we will not provide “pre-approval” of props and weapons, we can let you know if something violates one of our rules.